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Siena, things you absolutely have to see

Market town Siena is a worthy rival of Florence, boasting a unique medieval charm thanks to its largely unchanged appearance. It is also an ideal destination for a day trip spent exploring its piazzas with their typical Terra di Siena colours and tasting the town's many delicacies. Things you can't miss:

Piazza del Campo

Piazza del Campo is the heart of the city, hosting the Palio di Siena and once the centre of the merchants' commercial activity. Though it was originally covered by a green field ("campo"), today its brick paving provides its the world-famous colour and breathtaking appearance.

Torre del Mangia

In Piazza del Campo you can admire an 88-metre tower, the Torre del Mangia ("Tower of the Eater"). How did it get this strange name? Apparently its caretaker was nicknamed Mangiaguadagni ("Profit Eater") because of his habit of squandering all his money in the nearby taverns.

Siena Cathedral

The other place you can't miss in Siena is Piazza del Duomo, with its spires and pinnacles lining the facade.

Traditional Sienese dishes

The time has finally come to savour some tasty dishes from Tuscan culinary heritage! Let's start with ribollita, the bread, vegetable and legume soup that reminds you of home-cooked suppers. As a second course, you should definitely taste the Cinta Senese, an exceedingly delicious local pig breed. And for dessert you are spoiled for choice: cantucci, ricciarelli, panforte and cavallucci are all delicious!

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